High Spirits Unlimited offers the best in fly fishing: premier angling water, first-rate guidance, enthusiastic camaraderie and an unforgettable day.

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High Spirits offers a hands-on learning experience in a relaxed environment with top-quality instruction in the sport of fly fishing. We believe that the best way to learn and remember a lesson is to perform the lesson. High Spirits students practice everything that is being taught by an experienced staff that loves to teach and fish.

Schools offer courses of study for anglers at all skill levels looking to improve their techniques. We enjoy introducing novices to fly fishing as much as we like to hone the skills of avid anglers.

High Spirits plans and leads fishing trips for individuals and groups. With outings that last from a few hours to several days, fly fishers count on us to create exceptional experiences on prime fishing waters.

With all scheduled and customized trips, High Spirits outings are designed to capture the best fishing opportunities.


High Spirits organizes unique vacations to prime fishing destinations in the United States and around the world.

We run trips to local waters in the northeast, especially to New York’s famed Catskill rivers and Connecticut’s waterways; to western fly fishing states like Montana, Idaho and California; and to ultimate fly fishing destinations such as  British Columbia.

If there is fly fishing, we will go there.

Fish with High Spirits and leave the details to us.

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Travel with High Spirits